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Barnsley Dog Daycare Services.....................................

Barnsley Dog Daycare: Half Day (£7.50)

Barnsley Dog DareCare: Full Day (£15.00)


*The prices quoted are for weekdays.

** If your holiday falls on a Bank/Public holiday, there will be a small increase for that day. Please call or email for a bespoke quote.


Barnsley Dog Daycare is our premium daily service for your dog. Although our lunchtime dog walking service is highly beneficial for dogs, nothing beats putting your dog in our fantastic daycare environment for the entire time you go to work.


Dogs are pack animals and they crave the company of other dogs. In a daycare environment they have the opportunity to socialise with other vaccinated dogs, alleviating boredom and ensuring they are stimulated through games and play. They are also exercised and walked, ensuring they are fully tired when you collect them. This reduces the need for an evening walk.


We are open between 7.30am and 5.30pm and although we don't offer a collection and drop off service, exceptions can be made regarding times if necessary.


We can also feed and administer medication, as supplied by your dogs veterinarian.  




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